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We welcome everyone who wants to learn and share information about all things gardening. Third Tuesday of each month at 11:15 am from September 1st to June 30th.

The meetings consist of a brown bag lunch, and a short business meeting to keep members apprised of cub activities, followed, at 1 pm by a program on gardening-related topics presented by knowledgeable people in the community at the clubhouse, 1645 High St, Eugene.

Programs are free and open to the public.

2023 Upcoming Events


Saturday, December 2nd

9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Wreaths, table designs, swags, little trees, door blessings, cone baskets, Yule logs, refreshments, and more

1645 High Street

Call (541) 515-5839 for special orders

Eugene Garden Dec Flyer


November 7th 1:00 pm Board Meeting, Clubhouse
November 14th 11:30 am Building Opens
  12:00 pm Business Meeting / Horticultural Sharing
  1:00 pm  Program:
Easy Table Top Designs for Holidays with Eugene's Flower Home
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November 17th 10:00 - Noon Field Trip to Camas Country Mill and Schoolhouse Cafe in Eugene /Junction City  


APRIL – 2023

April 4th 1:00 pm Board Meeting, Clubhouse
April 18th  11:30 am Building Opens
  12:00 pm Business Meeting / Horticultural Sharing
  1:00 pm  Program:
Fun with Flowers 
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April 20th 10:00 - Noon Flower Arranging class


Helping Hands Needed!
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APRIL – What's up?

April 11th 9:45 am SMJ House Work Party
April 30th 9:00 am - 3:00 pm Lane County Master Gardner's Plant Sale
    Lane County Fair Grounds




Garden Extravaganza Plant Sale


Bring plants to sell.  Rinse each plant to remove garden soil and replant in clean pots with purchased soil.  Label with common and botanical names, hardiness, growing conditions, and, if available, pictures of grown plants


MARCH – 2023

March 7th 1:00 pm Board Meeting, Clubhouse
March 21st 11:30 am Carpool Make Your Own Hanging Basket!
    Cost $$
  11:45 am leaves Carpool: Meet at Winco Parking Lot (11:30 am)
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MARCH – What's up?

March 11-13th   Lane County Spring Home & Garden Show
    Lane County Fair Grounds
March 14th 9:45 am SMJ House Work Party
March 24

9:30 am - Social Hour
10:00 am - Meeting

Willamette District General Meeting

Hosted by: TBA


JANUARY – 2023

January 1st 1:00 pm Board Meeting, Clubhouse
January 17th 11:30 am Building Opens
  12:00 Business Meeting Horticultural Sharing
  1:00 pm Program Benefits of Trees, Exploring Eugene's Urban Canopy

Presented by:
Eugene Parks & Open Space


JANUARY – What's up?

January 10th 9:45 am SMJ House Work Party
January 20-22nd   Good Earth Home Garden & Living Show
    Lane County Fairgrounds
January TBA Newsletter for More Information Clubhouse Cleaning


February 7th 1:00 pm Board Meeting, Clubhouse
February 21st 11:30 am Building Opens
  12:00 pm Business Meeting / Horticultural Sharing
  1:00 pm  Program:
    Candle Making with Herbs and Flowers
    Workshop with EGC Members


FEBRUARY – What's up?

February 15-19th   Northwest Flower & Garden Festival
    Convention Center, Seattle W
February 14th 9:45 am SMJ House Work Party
February 24th

9:30 am Social Hour
10:00 am Meeting

Willamette District Board Meeting
Hosted by: TBA


December 3rd 9:00 am - 1:00 pm Green Sale
December 13th 11:30 am - Doors Open *EGC Holiday Potluck

*Harp Music with Jane Allen & Patricia Lambert

See the Newsletter for more information!


November 1st 1:00 pm Board meeting
November 8th 9:45 am SMJ Work Party
November 15th 11:30 am Building Opens
  12:00 Business Meeting Horticultural Sharing
  1:00 pm Program

Dried Flowers and Naturals for the Holidays!


Presented by:
Charles Little & Company Staff


NOVEMBER – What's up?

  • Sign Up Sheets will be available for Green Sale preparation!
  • Green Sale Preparations November 28, 29, 30th, and December 1, 2nd

Lots of Helping Hands are Needed!!
See the newsletter for more information

November 8th
SMJ Work Party – 9:45

October 2022
June 2022
May 2022

APRIL General meeting & Event Program

Come join us at the EGC Clubhouse Tuesday April 19 for our General Meeting.

Our meeting will begin at 12:15 followed at 1:00 by a presentation from Kelsey Irvine, Volunteer Coordinator and Project manager for the City of Eugene’s Public Parks Planning Office. She will speak to us about how the Native Plant Nursery supports the City of Eugene in maintaining and reestablishing native plants in our city parks and open spaces. She will talk about their work at the city gardens/open spaces, the city projects they are involved with (such as the new Downtown River Front Project), volunteer opportunities and insight as to what they do at the Nursery site itself.

Please stay tuned for when we can reschedule for a tour of the Nursery itself when the weather is a bit more friendly for us.

March 2022
Februrary 2022

January 2022 Event Program 

Come join us Tuesday January 18th and kick off the New Year with tips from Janet Hollander on how to have a Happy Body in the Garden.  Janet will give us insight on how to move around in our gardens with less stress on our “maturing” bodies.  But when we do overdo, she has tips on what to do when we find ourselves stiff the day after.  This will be an interactive session with Janet, and she has asked us to bring a broom and a tool that may be giving us pain after using it.

Janet is a Nia Technique teacher, Black Belt, and Trainer who loves to apply her Nia experience to everyday life and has fine tuned some of those techniques specifically for gardeners.  What is Nia you ask?  Nia is a fusion of dance, martial arts and mindfulness practices according to the Nia Now website.

Come join us for a healthier and happier you, your most important natural resource.

October 2021

November 2021 Event Program

The November meeting topic was Adapting Your Garden and Landscape to Climate Change.  Weston Miller’s presentation on climate generated such interest we tracked down references.   Are YOU actively preparing your garden/yard for climate change?  Below are a few discussion points and resources.

Plants: Weeds, Insects, Water Supply, Lawns, Microclimates, Urban Heat Islands


  1. Sunset Western Garden Book – Amazon and EGC Library
  2. Right Plant, Right Place - Amazon
  3. How to Determine Microclimates - WSU Extension 
  4. National Climate Assessment 
  5. Natural Resource Conservation Service - Soil Food Web    
  6. Garden Smart Oregon gardensmart-rev-2010.pdf (
  7. Dry Farming Collaborative

December 2021 Event Program 

Our December 21 EGC “Get Together” will include a harp performance at about 1pm by Jane Allen and Patricia Dewey (Dianne’s daughter).  Before that, we will open the doors at 11:30 and begin 3 special activities about noon.

1)    Bring smallish wrapped store bought food items that people can take home in their goody bags that Diane Dewey will provide for us.

2)    Bring a wrapped white elephant gift with you to exchange.

3)    We will decorate masks.  Ann Rollins will bring 92 masks for us to use (or you can bring your own). 

Drawing or writing instruments will be available.

We do not plan to eat or drink as a group yet together.  No food will be served.