EGC new shed 2021

Who We Are.

The Eugene Garden Club organized on April 28 1927 and became a member of the Oregon State Federation of Garden Clubs in 1929. The club formed to stimulate the love of gardening, horticulture and floral artistry; to aid in the protection and conservation of plants, trees and birds; and to promote civic beauty and community welfare.

The Eugene Garden Club is a tax exempt public charity under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and is organized exclusively for charitable, educational, scientific and benevolent purpose.

Upcoming Meetings & Events

March 19th

Regular Monthly Meeting

11:30 am Building opens

Noon  Business Meeting and Horticultural Sharing.

1 pm Program: Mums’s The Word!  
“All Things Chrysanthemum” with Tamara Bailey, from the Portland Chrysanthemum Society.

Plan to purchase starts!

March 21st

Plant Nerd Night

EGC’s yearly “Plant Nerd Night”

Location - Eugene Garden Club, 1645 High St, Eugene, OR

Plant Program and Plant Sale with guests:         

  • Corner Store Nursery at Glenwood
  • Shonnard’s Nursery in Corvallis
  • Johnson Brothers Garden Market
  • Basil and Bees from the Eugene Farmer’s Market

Time - 6 - 9 pm
Doors open at 6 pmThe program starts at 7:00 pm

Four nurseries will be on hand to talk about and display new things for our gardens in 2024.

Plan to attend!  Everyone in attendance will be given a ticket for a chance to win one of the plants that the nurseries give away.

**Plant nerd: one who is slavishly and hopelessly devoted to plants!!**

 About Berries!

Erica Chernoh is an Assistant Professor (Practice) at OSU, specializing in berries and small fruits. She is at the Lane County Extension, 996 Jefferson Street, Eugene, OR 97402. 

Her areas of expertise include all aspects of berries and small fruits and research on growth habits and cultivation. 

Growing berries in the home can be a fulfilling endeavor but comes with a few challenges. This presentation will focus on site conditions, cultivar selection, and planting, growing, and harvesting strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries.

She has published extensively on these topics and others such as tree fruits, hazelnuts, and organic agriculture.








"I pledge to protect and conserve the natural resources of the planet earth and promise to promote education, so we may become caretakers of our air, water, forests, land, and wildlife".