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Who We Are.

The Eugene Garden Club organized on April 28 1927 and became a member of the Oregon State Federation of Garden Clubs in 1929. The club formed to stimulate the love of gardening, horticulture and floral artistry; to aid in the protection and conservation of plants, trees and birds; and to promote civic beauty and community welfare.

The Eugene Garden Club is a tax exempt public charity under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and is organized exclusively for charitable, educational, scientific and benevolent purpose.


Join us for the December Event Program 

Our December 21 EGC “Get Together” will include a harp performance at about 1pm by Jane Allen and Patricia Dewey (Dianne’s daughter).  Before that, we will open the doors at 11:30 and begin 3 special activities about noon.

  1. Bring smallish wrapped store bought food items that people can take home in their goody bags that Diane Dewey will provide for us.
  2. Bring a wrapped white elephant gift with you to exchange.
  3. We will decorate masks.  Ann Rollins will bring 92 masks for us to use (or you can bring your own).

Drawing or writing instruments will be available.

We do not plan to eat or drink as a group yet together.  No food will be served.

Our November Meeting was a hit!

The November meeting topic was Adapting Your Garden and Landscape to Climate Change. Weston Miller’s presentation on climate generated such interest we tracked down references.  Are YOU actively preparing your garden/yard for climate change? If so here are a few resources.

Plants: Weeds, Insects, Water Supply, Lawns, Microclimates, Urban Heat Islands


  1. Sunset Western Garden Book – Amazon and EGC Library
  2. Right Plant, Right Place - Amazon
  3. How to Determine Microclimates - WSU Extension 
  4. National Climate Assessment 
  5. Natural Resource Conservation Service - Soil Food Web    
  6. Garden Smart Oregon gardensmart-rev-2010.pdf (
  7. Dry Farming Collaborative

Eugene Garden Club (EGC) News

For the Public  

Unfortunately at this time we're limiting our garden club programs to club members only, due to the COVID pandemic.  Member safety is our firsty priority.  If you would like to attend or participate please contact us for a membership application and notice of dues.

For Renters

If you are interested in renting call either of the two women listed on the Rental pages here.  Or fill out the form on the Contact Us page. 

For Our Members

Please note that our programs and activities for the year are subject to change and even cancellation becausr of the COVID pandemic.  We ask that you check the monthly newsletter for upcoming event changes.  Your safety is our first priority.








"I pledge to protect and conserve the natural resources of the planet earth and promise to promote education, so we may become caretakers of our air, water, forests, land, and wildlife".